Losing humanity to cyborg

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The human evolution outlines the major events in the development of human beings and the evolution of human’s ancestors. It all started thousand years ago. They develop and create things to make them capable of overcoming any barriers and obstacles that face the humanity during any era.

But the mother nature did not give us enough to deal with nowadays needs. After all these years, one wonder, is it now that we start losing our humanity, but how?

Recently, I have read a news of a group of companies like Neuralink, launching many projects that aim to transform the human into a cyborg. To merge the human brain and body to devices starts from the chip inside our brain or changing our bodies to a machine, in a drive to, what I call it, losing our humanity to cyborg era.

I wonder! Why are we doing that? Is it because our huge needs to so many things that we cannot do it ourselves in the time available. So we start, firstly, to rely on devices to solve our issues and fix them, and secondly to make everything in our life easier to do.

Cyborg era has two models; one is the devices outside our bodies like Bluetooth devices or iron body support suit enabling us to lift massive weights, or maybe electric legs to help individuals to walk again.

The second model is devices inserted inside our bodies like chips or processor inside our brain to fix or solve issues or to make it easier for us to learning a new language just overnight. Even we can upload new skills directly from the web. Is it like Johnny Mnemonic Movie 1995 where the actor was a data courier, literally carrying a data package inside his head and must deliver it before he dies from the burden imposed on his mind, or killed by the enemy Yakuza.

Or, in another approach, to plant our bodies inside a machine. Like in the movie Robocop where scientists manage to save the actor Alex Murphy body and make him a cyborg with an additional capability. He can treat more that ten orders in less that one-second, or as we saw he engage with gangsters alone with no scar despite having a shot in the head. Besides that, he can always repair himself at the lab or maybe at the garage.

OK, I am not the loser in the techno time or the wood at the wheel of evolution. But have anyone think about the cyborg disease ?, we don’t have presently any idea or examples, but we can imagine. What about if our language chip in our brain burned or stop functioning due to Industrial malfunction. So what kind of side effect that we will face? No one knows. The humans will start giving advice to each other to live their humanity and start using cyborg devices inside or outside their bodies to make life easier and accomplish their goals faster than the one thousand step to get what they want to do

After all. Yes, a new horizon and bright future are waiting for us to jump forward to the next generation of the engagement between human and devices.

But whatever, the outcome consequence we are losing humanity to cyborg.


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