awakening the third eye

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Primarily we see the world through our two eyes, where we can see the way ahead or anything else in this life, but have you ever heard about the third eye between our eyes?

The third eye can give us the vision to the future, beyond our world or what might happen in the present time.

It gives our brain the ability to visualize things or even the most feasible solutions to most issues we might face

almost like what our eyes do.

Naturally, We don’t possess the third eye when we born. But we can unfold it merely by our efforts. And since it is exciting and very useful we need some steps to open it.

But how can we do that! I mean to open the third eye?

It’s not very hard but not easy too, as there is just one method to opens it! Which is, reading books!

Yes, when you read books, you are in fact awakening up your capabilities and pushing it to analysis issues facing your life in many different ways by relying on the tons of information and knowledge that you gather from these books. When you read about the life and experience of wise men, leaders, kings, knights, presidents, and about big blunders that changed the life of nations leading them to many alternating directions. And how they treat the long-term consequences that alter the history of countries entirely. Like what happened after WW2 to Germany, Russian, and allies,

So when you establish and acquire in your mind a bank of valuable information and knowledge, in fact, you have open the third eye. And whenever you have a problem then this eye takes over and start comparing and analyzing issues that you face with brain stores information to find the right solution,

Then your mind begins to possess the ability to concentrate on a rational way of solving issues regardless of emotions or in another word your Hart. And you will enter the world of critical thinking, which allows you to reach and build wisely designed solution or opinion that will safeguard you, your family, and country from repeating past mistakes or making new ones that ultimately bring you back to the square one.

As the wise adage say” learn from others mistake, as you will not live long to know them all by yourself.”

But does reading books enough to open the third eye?

The question goes in two aspects! First one, is how you are reading books? The second is how many books that you read!

As for, How you are reading, according to my experience, you need to read at least every day more than 50 pages. And I mean here a sheet of paper with two pages. Every day before going to sleep. So to pressure your brain machines to change and start building new cells and to use the existing ones with a more efficient way which eventually will increase your capacity by enlarging your storage area to save the information and learn faster more knowledge.And to intensify the process on your memory which will ultimately produce an excellent performance more than usual.

The second question is how many books to read?

The answer will be at least, more than 200 books in a period of two to three years. Sort these books in groups, like ten about politics, ten about economies, ten media books and so on.

When you put your brain under pressure for an extended period reading 50 pages a day. And if you continue for at least 2 or 3 years, then the mechanism of your mind will be changed.

If you do that according to a schedule, you will feel it, your brain starts looking for issues through the third eyes, not your two eyes or emotions and you will sharpen the third eye to see what other individuals can’t see.

It might look complicated, but it only needs the willpower that every human possess. Think about it.


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