The ageless human

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The human life is like a story most of us having the same events happening during our life.

In everyday situations, man or women having different stages. Starts as a kid to teen and adult afterward an elder. During these periods he or she will spend years in the education process, university or college until graduated, then will apply to work and getting the experience then promote to be at a high level in the job.

After all of that, he or she will find his partner in this life, get married to create a family.

The new stage of life starts when the married individuals have kids. Their duties and tasks will be around how to take care of the children, giving them the experience of life that the parents have had, to become efficient in the community.

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The final stage is when a human reach 80 years old, full of wisdom, experienced in life, worked in many aspects, his or her kids become adults, having grandsons, retirement salary, own a home. Tend to have meditation, a celebration with the family, then the story of humans will end after living the scenario of life.

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But nowadays scientists enter the life story to add another chapter, by extending the age of human beings, expectancy to much more than the world has seen before. They are aiming to reach 200 years in long term of this century.

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This is not a fiction or imagination; it’s truth. Scientists are operating in this issue and getting good results so far. They are planning to treat almost everything related to humans health, infections, disease, disability, and Symptoms of aging by using a variety of method like for instance stem cells, rejuvenation biotechnology. All of that is for add more years to the human ages to an edge of a kind of immortality.

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Additionally, scientists manage to extend the capability as well. So imagine elder (80 years) getting one needle that gives him the strength, muscles, and mentality of the 30 years old to become what I can name them as “ageless humans.”

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If the scientists continue gaining success on this level, they will change the story of humans beings, create a new reality, new horizon, and new life for the elders by giving them more years to their age doesn’t belong to them.

The critical question is, what the ageless humans will do when they have the new life age, at the meanwhile they lived all the stages of life. Will they start study again? Or married again, or might be work again, it’s odd to answer this question.

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Another thing, in most communities, evolved with the death of the old generation, and the new generation starts adjusting or changing the rules, notions, norms, culture, or forgetting the problems, issues, crimes. But with elders who live to 200 years will the community evolved or change, or they will be a sort of an obstacle to advance life to match the style of the new incomers. Will it lead to significant struggle within the old and young generations?

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If we need to extend our age, we must think about the consequences of this action, and how this action will effect the flow of life, the law of nature.


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