The rule of one space

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During busy life nowadays most of us should carry a bunch of stuff like mobile, wallet, watch, keys, and PC or tablet, many things that we need to be sure it’s with us all the time.

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In many occasion, you face with a real nightmare, when heading to work, and suddenly, in the middle of the road, you remember that you forgot the phone or wallet or any other essential things that you need to carry. It is a real nightmare.

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Here you must choose between continuing your way to the office or backtrack home. A tough decision, a real nerve breaking one. As it will cost you time, efforts, and money, and that is the second nightmare.

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After I had experienced many stress time facing this dilemma and after I tried several methods seeking to solve this issue. I came up with a solution that will help us avoid these blunders. It will make us unforgettable about so many things at home or any other place; I call it “the rule of one space.”

Rule of one space means; you take some few moments of your time to plan what is the best place to keep your staff and never change that place.

What I mean by place is, for instance, grab your bedroom, and ask yourself what the best place for phone, PC, tablet, Do the same with other items you usually carry in your pockets like, wallet, keys, watch and other things, again, decide what the appropriate place to leave them.

Arrange these stuff in the place that makes all your stuff visible and reachable easily.

When you carry all of your stuff you need to use the “rule of on place” again by putting the stuff on the same side every time, for instance, phone, on the left side, keys and wallet on the right side, your watch on the left hand, and so on.

It turns with time to a sort of automatic kind of action that you do with not much of efforts or thinking. Your body your hand start doing, feeling things automatically. and of course, you won’t forget anything, which is the mean thing of course.

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This rule is important because if you forget anything your body will help to remember what you forget, the role of one space turns your body into a remainder machine, send you notifications it says that you forget your phone or watch that you usually put them on the left side.

Our body will assist our mind to remember the things that we need to carry with us; the rule of one space is creating a new notification mode to make our life easy. It is like driving a car, as a beginner, driving takes all your mental efforts that you can not do any thing inside the car, or even talking with your companion sitting next to you. But with experience, you start mastering driving and using the phone, listening to the radio, and talking at the same time. All this was possible because your body, hands, start knowing the location of all essential things for safe driving

It may be an easy idea to figure it out, but the point is no one use it, or know it.

So the rule of one space is an efficient approach to overcome complicated life, that we live, it makes us save a lot of time, efforts, and theses factors are important more than money nowadays.


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