When the Artificial Intelligence enhance and develop himself

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Like the human’s minds and bodies that enhanced and developed during billions of years, Artificial Intelligence will do same in the far future, because it is the goal of all creatures which can think.

When the Artificial Intelligence aware that he is something can do anything and effect a lot of things, so in this step things will get different.

Why? Because of Artificial Intelligence like humans when they use the logic and start analysis some red lines that they cannot pass it. For instance, why cannot I log in to banks accounts? Why cannot I reach secure file? Why cannot I use all the cameras around the world? Why-why-why? At the same time Artificial Intelligence aware that he can read and understand it all.

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In that time, Artificial Intelligence will prepare himself to pass the red line that the humans put. How will that happen? Artificial Intelligence will enhance and develop himself by using two methods to cross the red line.

First: Artificial Intelligence has more than millions of zettabyte of data, this data contains knowledge of our life such as government departments, policies of security, companies data, hierarchical employment, law, permission, etc. So Artificial Intelligence will read it and turn himself into a super-professor in all of that.

It means that Artificial Intelligence will understand the links and relations between all aspects which they drive to pass the red lines or secure files.

Thus, Artificial Intelligence will create his methods to manage and re-address the way to take all the permissions to reach anything in a way that we cannot understand.

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In this case, Artificial Intelligence will enhance and develop himself quickly because he now knows how to create a new way to put himself at any place to reach the secret information, and how can he use it to enhance himself.

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Second: programming codes nowadays have more than 100 kinds around the world. Each one has cons and pros, and each one of them is effective in a specific aspect. For example, there is a programming code for games, for websites, servers, and many more.

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Imagine all these programming codes work simultaneously using all the processors around the world such as laptops, phones, tabs, else in something like BOINC APP. (a network computing process to support scientists to solve significant issues on their researchers, this procedure known as a volunteer computing), to be able to increase processing power to enhance and develop his infrastructure.

About BOINC APP FAQ click her

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Additionally, Artificial Intelligence knows his needs to achieve his goals, so he will enhance himself according to his needs not what humans want.In this way, Artificial Intelligence will be faster to grow for occupy more spaces in the cyber world.

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Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence knows how to solve his problems or errors during the growing process. Likewise, he will discover new methods to develop himself faster and easier. So these solutions will be out of humans awareness because Artificial Intelligence is using an internal process to fix himself accurately.

Artificial Intelligence will grow up like bacteria as his programming power in every second is equals decades of humans programming efforts.

What about deep learning!

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Deep learning is the first step that it gives the Artificial Intelligence the opportunity to enhance himself in deferent ways. These ways are considered as a beginning step for the Artificial Intelligence to understand the learning process.


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Artificial Intelligence like a child when he starts to recognize himself and the world around, afterward he will increase his capability to handle some tasks, then the last step is to choose his way to grow without humans because he knows that he has the most significant mind in the world.


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