The third kind of humans

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During thousands of years, nature developed the human’s several times to enhance the chance to live and overcome the dilemmas and reach their needs in the life, but these changes usually take hundreds of years to happen.
Nowadays the humanity is striving behind their needs and work hard to extend their capabilities. It’s becoming more and more essential to overcome the dilemmas. So developing ourselves becomes our primarily aimed to be more efficient in achieving higher experience, knowledge, and be able to understand faster. Since time is always short, because of these reasons we will use the technology instead of nature to reach our ambitions.

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The technology gives us endless possibilities for developing ourselves which may lead to countless kinds of developing humans, but meanly and apparently we are going to see three types.

First: the mutants, the new kind of humans who have unique and high capacities on many aspects which allow him to overcome numerous obstacles, like for instance, he possesses the ability to recover in short time from diseases and injuries that once before could take twice as much.

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Additionally, read, save and understand and memorize in just a few hours, absorption experience of any aspect directly from the expert individuals, growing fast, living longer.

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Moreover, the mutants will rise after our scientists add some changes in our DNA and human cells, to increase and improve our capabilities, during this process, scientists will eliminate any genetic diseases, the mutants are almost like X-men characters but more realistic.

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Second: the cyborgs. Due to the limited natural capacity of our nerves, cells, and brain, compared to the highly increasing demands of our future lives, degradation and deficiency will be inevitable, and our needs will be hard to fulfill.

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By knowing so, we will see humans seed the machines and devices inside their bodies, to enhancing their capabilities exponentially to add the usability and reach the high level of performance for example, faster to save, prompt understanding, gathering and determine needed information, communicate to internet or technological environment all the time.

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But the forecasts show that the humanity will need more to develop themselves to reach the highest level that they can reach.

The (HAI) human of artificial intelligence is the third kind of humanity.

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The (HAI) is the highest and extraordinary one, the most futurist ever. Because, with this type, the artificial intelligence.

Mainly engage with humans brain and personality to create one body, one soul, live, work, and share the decisions together.

This kind of humans or the (HAI), will exchange the properties of each other, by giving the Artificial intelligence a great experiment and first-hand to learn from our human’s life.

So this method will turn the Artificial intelligence to Semi-human because it will understand the effects of all feelings, reactions that we do every day on our disguise and our choices and analysis it to learn how is that happening inside our bodies.

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In contrary, we will turn our selves to a half supercomputer, by augmenting our capabilities of Artificial intelligence to communicate with each other, networking ourselves and using servers over the internet to reach what we need to know or to have directly.

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But how it works

Imagine the digital assistant like Siri, Cortana, Google assistant and anything like them living inside our brain, and we can speak with the digital assistant with our inner voice or giving them an order from our mind directly or maybe use the gestures to tell the artificial intelligence to do something.
Additionally, the digital assistant or (Artificial intelligence) can feel, guess, and understand what we need or do during our days by watching or analysis our blood, mental state and all of these elements to know us well.

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The certainly beneficial of this Partnership is to expand our horizons and help to do our daily tasks like for instance and in short.

The essential tasks

  1. wake us up remained us about our meetings, send thee-mails, answers the messages that we receive, phone call, Skype and so on.
  2. get better and reliable results of anything that we need to search and published by assisting us to gather all the information about the issue and set it in one place that will reduce the possibility of getting distracted.
  3. Supply us the directions of destinations directly with the recommendation of the best way to follow.
  4. tell us about the update of the news, stock market, notifications and any critical issues that we need to know.
  5. buying what we need like furniture, gears or paying our bills.
  6. observing our food and provide the information about the vegetables and fruits analyze it and before and after taking our meal at home, make the balance of vitamins, protein at the same moment.
  7. remind us about our time of medication or call the doctor, or send him the information about the fat, sugar in our blood.
  8. give us the information of our children at the school or call the police if we face any threats.

Furthermore watching our health, if someone smoke a cigarette the artificial intelligence will present the status of the lung.

How much that the smoker lost and vice versa if we need to recover it will help us to show how much we recover of our lung, all the information we will see it accurately in front of our eyes or hear it.

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The unusual tasks

  1. notify us about the planetary movement, comet, or any space satellite motion that we study and observes.
  2. gathering the information of any issues from different sources and languages and compare and match the info during think process and gather all of these outcomes in one result, its like solve puzzle pictures.
  3. our bodies and nerves will engage with any objects to give us a new feel for how far is the airplane how deep is the submarine how is the landscape from the highest point on the towers.
  4. presenting any thing we need like the oxygen percentage in the atmosphere or Arctic melting ratio.

these are just an examples of how artificial intelligence can assist us with our needs.

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The core reason of merging ourselves with artificial intelligence is to increase the effectiveness of planning, prioritizing and process an intensive information inside mind in less time and efforts.


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